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Achieve your financial goals Effortlessly with the Goalsaver Box™

Is jouw droomvakantie belangrijk genoeg om vandaag nog voor te gaan sparen?

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Goalsaver Box™

Regular price   25,00€ Sale price   19,79€ Save 20%

De ultieme Takebo besparingsmethode

✅ Eenvoudige en leuke spaarervaring

🔐 Bespaar moeiteloos tot € 10.000 

♻️ Herbruikbaar en van hoge kwaliteit

🎯 Duidelijke voortgangscontrole


Investeer vandaag nog! €2000+ aflossen in 5 maanden?  Meer dan 7000 van onze klanten hebben het gedaan dankzij de Goalsaver Box™ .  Probeer onze Goalsaver Box met de Takebo Spaarmethode, je zult versteld staan van de resultaten! Wij bieden je 30 dagen garantie. Ons gratis e-book zal je de hele weg begeleiden!
Je ontvangt vandaag ook een exclusief cadeau ter waarde van €40

De Goalsaver Box™ is gemaakt van kwaliteitshout en is daarom robuust en duurzaam. De doos is herbruikbaar. Dankzij de beschermfolie kun je de doos steeds opnieuw gebruiken. Zodra je je spaardoel hebt bereikt, kun je de doos voor nieuwe doelen gebruiken zonder dat je een nieuwe doos hoeft te kopen.

  1. Goalsaver Box
  2. Pen om aan te vinken
  3. Herbruikbare beschermfolie
  4. Budgetplanner of slimme portemonnee (🎁  vanaf 25€ aankoop  )
  5. E-boek over financiële planning

Uw tevredenheid is onze prioriteit.

Wij zijn net zo dol op de Goalsaver Box™ als u, dus bieden we een risicovrije 60 dagen geld-terug-garantie. Als u om welke reden dan ook niet helemaal tevreden bent met uw aankoop, stuur deze dan binnen 60 dagen terug en we geven u een volledige terugbetaling, geen vragen gesteld.

Elke bestelling ontvangen vóór 16.00 uur wordt op dezelfde dag verzonden. Verzending duurt doorgaans 5 tot 7 werkdagen.

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How do I recieve my gift ?

Add your Goalsaver Box to the cart and then select your gift

Do you want to save your money EFFORTLESS ?

Here is the solution

Goalsaver Box - Goalsaver Box

This is how the GoalSaver Box will revolutionise Your financial SUCCESS in 2024

The GoalSaver Box is your perfect partner to effortlessly save up to 10,000$ this year. Its practical check-off system gives you a clear view of your savings journey, helping you stay on track. Whether it's a dream car, a new business venture, or a well-deserved vacation, children finance management this box is more than just a tool—it's a fun and rewarding way to achieve your varied goals in 2024. Start turning your dreams into achievements with the GoalSaver Box!

Goalsaver Box™ - Goalsaver Box

How does It works ?

Our savings box has a special grid on the surface. This surface helps you keep track of how much money you save. Every time you put money in, you can mark the amount on the grid. This way, you can easily see how you're doing. Once every gab is marked, you open the box and get proudly your finances. There's also a space on the front of the box where you can write down your savings goal. This keeps you focused on what you're saving for. The box is simple to use and has a big opening, so you can easily put in coins and bills. Saving money becomes more fun and exciting with this box!

Master Mindful Saving with the Eco-Friendly GoalSaver Box

Embrace the traditional Japanese art of saving with our GoalSaver Box, designed around the Kakebo method. This proven approach encourages discipline and mindfulness in financial management, helping you track expenses and save more effectively. With the GoalSaver Box, you get a daily visual and interactive experience in managing your finances, aligning with the Kakebo principles of conscious spending and saving. Made with eco-friendly ☘️ materials, it's not only a smart choice for your wallet but also for the planet. Perfect for the environmentally conscious saver, the GoalSaver Box transforms the way you approach your financial goals.

A Savings Box for All Ages

Our savings box is an ideal tool for both children and adults eager to start their journey in financial saving. It makes an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special moment, blending practicality with meaning. Embrace the chance to instill the principles of saving in both yourself and the next generation. Delight in watching your savings flourish, laying the groundwork for a secure financial future. This box is more than a tool; it's a way to impart financial wisdom to your children, guiding them step by step to realise their dreams through smart money management.

Perfect for your Home

Transform your home with our Eco-Smart Box, where elegance meets sustainability! Crafted from eco-conscious materials, Its sleek design and light weight make it a subtle yet stylish addition to any living space. Delivered ready-to-use, it's easily reusable thanks to its clever closure mechanism and durable protective film. Compact in size, measuring 20 cm / 8 inches in length, 5.7 inches / 14.5 cm in width, and 2.6 inches / 6.5 cm in depth, it's the epitome of functionality blended with eco-friendliness. Embrace practical sustainability and sleek design with our Eco-Smart Box!

Included in every order

+1 Free E-book

Financial planning


By consciously tracking and controlling expenses, the Savings Box promotes financial education. It helps to gain a better overview of one's finances.

The Savings Box is an ideal gift because it is not only practical but also helps in achieving financial goals. It imparts the value of saving and can be given on special occasions like birthdays or holidays

Saving is fun because you can enjoy every progress and each checked box, which increases motivation.

When ordering as a gift for someone, be sure to enter in your email address to receive all summary information but enter in the recipient’s name and shipping information. We will be sure to keep all prices and receipts out of the package.

Yes it is suitable for both short-term and long-term savings goals. You can use it flexibly for various savings objectives."

Yes, the Savings Box is excellently suited as a common savings goal for the family. Everyone can contribute, and the transparent overview promotes family saving behavior.

Customer Reviews

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Very cool wallet, thanks.


My holiday is going to be megaaa this year haha!!


Im Ruhestand zählt jeder Cent. Mit der Goalsaver Box spare ich für die Enkelkinder.


Great. the wallet is really practical!

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